Monday, November 14, 2016

Discovering The UNIQLO Philosophy of Lifewear

The Uniqlo philosophy is Lifewear. Their mission is to create clothes to make life better for all kinds of people. And if like me, you have bought and worn their clothes, you would believe them. Their clothes are trendy yet, casual and practical.  Best of all, they are affordable for middle income earners like me.   

In June, I wrote about "falling in love" with Uniqlo.  Six months after, I literally live and work in them.  I love their Women Drape Short Sleeve T-Shirt so much that I bought all colors except white and only because someone in my family wanted this color.  It is soft and silky, and after countless washings has remained looking new! I can mix and match these with skirts or pants, just add accessories to make it more "formal", and voila! I can go from work to dinner without changing.  

Now that it is the rainy season, Uniqlo have different kinds of parkas for your need. I like their BlockTech Parka which is waterproof, windproof and moisture permeable. This is the best for the very wet weather we are having right now in the Philippines. 

For everyday sports or leisure wear, they also have the Light Pocketable Parka, which is water repellent and protects you from UV rays. It can also protect you from light showers and evening dampness. It is easy to carry with it's own pouch  My friend who has this swears by it's practicability.

As a thoughtful shopper, I always try to choose clothes that give good value for my money and after discovering Uniqlo, I am one happy camper. Their clothes have become part of my everyday wear both at work and play, a solid proof that they are indeed "lifewear".

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